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    Adam Lambert grows up with new album The Original High

    Three years after his last studio album Adam Lambert has released his latest collection, The Original High. The 11-song album still features Lamberts strong defiant rock vocals familiar to his fans, however the sound is beginning to be more pure with his previous work now seeming over-produced. More

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    Kazaky: four hot & sexy singers in leather

    I’ve recently discovered the ‘boy’ band Kazaky and I’m still short of breath. The boys are often seen in black wearing high heel boots are simply hot. And while they’ve been around since 2010, their recent video for their single Crazy Law, has the boys dressed in leather dancing and singing inside a former (just) penal colony. More

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    Is Steve Grand country music’s first gay musican

    If Brokeback Mountain taught us anything is that there are gay cowboys out there. So why wouldn’t there be gay country music stars? Actually there are gay rodeos, so where there are cowboys there must be country music stars! Well according to Buzzfeed, they think Steve Grand might be the first gay country music star. They are only slightly correct. Other media outlets are calling Steve Grand the first openly gay country musician, which is more correct. More

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