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    History of the pride flag

    A quiz popped up this week with a question about the rainbow flag, that ubiquitous six-color symbol of LGBT diversity, specifically what is the meaning behind one particular color (orange). It may surprise many that the flag, which has been an unofficial symbol of pride and the LGBT community since 1978, once contained eight colors each with its own meaning. More

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    A fag by any other name

    When we first started uberfag we wanted to find a name that took back the slur in a cheeky way. ‘Fag’ is still used around the world, tossed from car windows by straight boys on a dare (or with worse motives). Of course we also knew that in some parts of the world the word does have a double meaning, which does make for some funny conversations. More

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    Alan Turing to be pardoned but so should all convicted under anti-gay law

    Alan Turing, the British World War 2 codebreaker and mathematician who is considered the father of modern computer science may receive a post-humous pardon for his 1952 conviction of gross indecency if a private member’s bill is successful. Turning took his own like in 1954, poisoning himself with a cyanide laced apple after being subjected to “chemical castration”, following his conviction under the UK’s anti-homosexuality law.

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