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    Independent: Gay former Italian MP Vladimir Luxuria detained in Russia

    News outlets reported today that former Italian MP and the first openly transgender member of any European parliament Vladimir Luxuria was detained on Sunday by plain clothed police officers for holding a ‘Gay is OK’ banner at the Winter Olympics. Luxuria spoke after the incident, however according to the Independent newspaper both Olympic officials and Sochi police claim neither Luxuria or any Italian citizen was arrested last night.

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    There are no gays in Sochi says its’ mayor

    There has been a lot of coverage of homophobia and the oppression of Russia’s gays leading up to the Olympics and now that the games are in full swing while the media is mostly focused on the sport some journalists have been asking the more hard hitting questions while the politicians are speaking. Sochi’s Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, said in an interview that his city has no gays. More

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    Ugandan president signs anti-gay bill into law

    Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has signed into law a bill passed my Uganda’s parliament last December which will punish anyone convicted of ‘homosexual’ acts with life in prison. The original legislation called for executing anyone found to have performed ‘homosexual’ acts, but that provision was dropped but homophobic attacks have been widely encouraged throughout the country, often assisted by newspapers publishing the names and addresses of gay Ugandans. On 7 November, the European Court of Justice rules that gays from Uganda (as well as Sierra Leone and Senegal) were eligible for asylum in any European Union countries (including the UK). More

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    UK immigration officials interrogating gay asylum seekers

    UK newspaper The Observer has obtained leaked documents suggesting Home Office officials (the government immigration department) were in affect interrogating gay asylum seekers with intrusive and abusive questioning in attempts to find claimants lying. A culture of disbelief and officials believing everyone is a liar has lead to repeated cases of “systemic homophobia” by officials in the UK’s asylum system. More

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