Sally Field tries to set up her son with Adam Rippon

While the internet goes crazy, we find out who exactly is Sam Greisman

Last night when I saw a twitter notification that several of my friends had begun following Sam Greisman, I was curious who he was. I often ignore a lot of these notifications, but I opened this one and found an actor and filmmaker who had around 18k followers — not bad for a good looking gay man.

Before I found out he had a slightly famous mother and how he’s been the talk of the internet, I learned about who he was when I clicked the IMDB link in his twitter bio. I noted that he’s made a few short films when gay storylines (and noted that I’d follow up by writing about the films once I’d seen them).

Then I dug into his recent tweets and found the gem that everyone’s excited about.

Actress Sally Field even retweeted the screenshot to Adam! And why not, Sally Field is right — Adam Rippon (28) is very insanely pretty. But really, I thought I’d called dibs!

So everyone else has been covering this story, and I like a good news-minded person thought, yeah I’ll get to him later.

Sam Greisman (30) has written, produced and directed two short films (and wrote another one) — Dinner with Jeffrey (2016), and After School (2015). Sam has been around the movie business his whole life, besides his mother (she’s been in one or two films), his father Alan has produced a pile of films since the 1980s (this is the first I’ve heard of him).

Dinner with Jeffrey

Oliver (19) has just come out and is looking to JEFFREY, his older gay uncle for advice. However, Jeffrey has a completely different kind of night planned. Starring Owen Campbell, Javier Spivey, and Reed Birney, the short film runs 13 minutes.

You can stream Dinner with Jeffrey on Revry

After School

Fifteen year-olds Jack and Danny have been best friends for as long as they can remember. However, Jack has been distancing himself lately because he does not know how to deal with a growing attraction to his best friend. He can’t avoid him forever though and he eventually relents to seeing Danny after school one day. That day, Danny discovers that his dog was killed and Jack feels an overwhelming need to comfort his friend. A need that runs afoul of his feelings for Danny. Starring Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick, Dante Palminteri, Katherine Alt Keener, After School runs 7 minutes.

You can watch After School on Revry
(This After School is not the 2009 feature starring Ezra Miller)

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