Canadian actor Jordan Gavaris comes out in Orphan Black interview

We’ve been big fans of actor Jordan Gavaris since before he wowed us in the first season of Orphan Black, and we’re equally not at all surprised Jordan has come out. It turns out no one thought to ask.

Jordan first came to our attention in the series Unnatural History, but his Orphan Black character Felix put the young actor on an entirely new level. Despite comments that Felix was another stereotypical gay character, Jordan’s performance had depth and complexity. And in interviews Jordan intelligently articulated the sensitivity he put into Felix. It was clear then that Jordan was channelling a bit of himself and maybe getting to be a little extra scandalous as well.

Our respect for Jordan is two-fold: he’s an amazing actor (Felix’s British accent is spot on), and his Felix was a sexy, ballsy & strong-willed character (in this age of clones, Felix was properly alternative).

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So as the fifth and final season of Orphan Black was set to premiere and the press tour began, E. Alex Jung reporting for Vulture started the interview asking if he was gay. “Oh, I’m gay,” he stated.

It seems in all the interviews until now, no other reporter had asked. With the topic out in the open, the interview explored the common themes all out actors face — does Jordan think coming out will effect the roles in gets in the future. The simple answer was yes. “There’s been a lot of conversation in the industry about hiring openly gay actors for gay parts, and I think that’s really important.”

Jordan has unfortunately been dating follow actor Devon Graye since 2012 so not only has he been off the market (damn!), it’s not likely Jordan has been hiding in the closet all this time. We’ve really entered a new era in which actors don’t hide or shout their sexualities. For Jordan he never felt it mattered. “I had this position when I started on the show that it shouldn’t matter,” he told Vulture.

Jordan’s portrayal of Sarah Manning’s gay brother caught are attention almost as much as follow Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany’s multiple roles throughout the series. Both, but especially Tatiana, desire far more recognition then the show received (yes Tatiana was robbed out of a few awards, particularly a few Primetime Emmys).

Just as Orphan Black was snub at the awards, the show kept a low profile on BBC America (and Space in Canada), and it’s entirely reasonable that Jordan was never really on the Hollywood gossip radar.

Now that Orphan Black has completed its run, the actors will move onto many other projects, and we’re sure to see great things ahead. For Jordan, we’d happily go out of our way to see him in whatever comes next. Should he choose to play straight or gay, he has the depth and range to impress audiences. And maybe there’s nothing wrong with Jordan being cast to play another gay character, in reality it would be better than another straight actor stealing gay jobs.

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