Archie will die saving gay best friend from assassination

Comic book icon Archie Andrews is set to die in an upcoming issue of the Life with Archie series when he steps in front of a stalker’s bullet meant for gay character Kevin Keller. The military veteran and newly elected senator was the Archie comics universes first openly gay character, first appearing in 2010.

Archie publisher announced this spring the death finale to the adult Archie spinoff series, but only now have further details be released ahead of the issue going on sale.

Issue number 36 hits stands Wednesday, July 16 and will show Archie’s heroic bravery protecting his best friend from an assassin’s bullet. The following, and final, issue of Life with Archie will take place one year later and focus on the impact Archie’s death had on the fictional Riverdale community and the gang of main characters. The publisher says the storyline is an opportunity to teach tolerance to Riverdale citizens, and Archie comic readers.

While this is the conclusion of the Life with Archie audit series, other storyline featuring teenage Archie and gang will continue. Archie Andrews has been gracing the pages of various comic book series since 1941, yet the 73-year-old has managed to keep a youthful appearance.

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