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    Where are the out gay athletes at the London 2012 Olympics?

    Every time an athlete wins a medal (especially gold), tv commentators remind viewers that the winners make great role models for the young. And why not, for the most part these athletes have committed there lives to peak physical performance (not just looking pretty at the gym), and not to get rich. We say actors, musicians politicians and professional athletes are role models but they often in it for the fame and fortunate. And we put a lot of pressure on all of the above to come out, and yet in sports few do. Take for example the list of out athletes at the London 2012 Olympic games, just 3 gay men and 18 lesbians (it was 17 but one came out at the games). More

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    iOS game sale for July 4th

    In celebration of the 4th of July several game studios have put their wares on sale. Electronic Arts, Capcom, Firemint and Warner Bros. have drop the price on these great games for all the people enjoying their day off with nothing to do until the fireworks. Grab these deals while you can. More

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    Blackberry Playbook

    Tablet buyers have a lot of choice outside the iPad-sphere, mostly in the 7-inch screen market, but how do you buy a solid product at the best price? Putting aside all the strengths that come with buying the market leading iPad, the choice is currently between a myriad of Android devices, the Blackberry Playbook or wait for the Windows 8 release. The Playbook is actually a solid and now well priced tablet worth a second look. More

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    7-inch tablets

    When Steve Jobs dismissed the netbook traditional PC manufactures must have thought he was mad. Then he created a new market for the touch tablet with the iPad. Before it’s release, tablet PCs were expensive, clunky and basically laptops with a stylus. They did not work well and in Jobs’ opinion the stylus got in the way. More

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    Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad

    The iPad features a versatile onscreen keyboard but while we are still adjusting to this new human-device interaction auxiliary keyboards are becoming popular. Apple made a gamble going with the software keyboard, ditching hard keys for the much more flexible touch version (flexible because it can be localized to any language and purpose). Microsoft, well known for being allergic to taking a risk has chosen to create two keyboard solutions for their Surface tab. It really comes down to what you intend to use your slate for, and the external keyboard allows for the most choice. More

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