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    The iPad advantage

    With the iPad dominating the touch screen tablet market it created, all other manufactures are fighting for second place. But to deliver a product close to Apple’s offering, there needs to be solid operating system and an ecosystem behind the device. In the months after Apple released the tablets, many established vendors immediately dismissed Apple’s new device, but soon the sales results showed the iPad was on fire. More

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    iPad Mini

    Between Apple rumors and genuine news is the idle speculation for upcoming products. It’s a lot of fun to dream of all the amazing (yet realistic) products Apple could come up with. And from a purely critical point-of-view I’d like to consider one possible what-if, the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini has been in the gossip mill even more lately, and some sites claim to have inside knowledge. More

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    Paper by FiftyThree

    In the first two weeks since its’ launch, Paper has clocked up 1.5 million downloads and over seven million pages have been created inside the unique drawing app made for iPad. There are dozens of drawing iPad drawing apps crowding the app store vying for your attention, so what’s so good about Paper? More

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    Inspiring Steve Jobs quotes

    Over the last few months, between Steve Jobs’ ‘retirement’ and his passing, many articles were written covering his life and career and several more collecting his more famous and inspiring quotes. Here are a few of the one’s that standout the most, resonating his genius. More

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    Griffin touchscreen stylus

    Steve Jobs famously derided the Windows tablet for having a stylus, and thus began his quest for a touchscreen powered by one’s finger (or fingers). It makes a lot of sense, even before we begin to speak, humans explore the world through touch. So making the iPad and iPhone respond to our digits is brilliant and saves us from misplacing the stylus, but there are cases where until we learn to adapt the stylus still has a place. Drawing. More

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